This Best Man Cannot Afford To Attend His Best Friend’s Destination “Second Wedding” But Still, He’s Struggling Over His Decision To Not Go

This man was his friend Joe’s best man at his wedding. Now, he feels guilty for backing out of their second wedding celebration because of financial strains.

“I was the best man for my friend Joe’s wedding here in the states. He married my other friend Sally,” the man said, “They’re basically family to me, especially now in my life when my actual family has begun to fall apart.”

Then, this past week, the couple told the man that they would be having a second wedding “for the sake of Sally’s family.”

They announced that it would take place in a foreign country in early January, giving only about two months’ notice.

The couple had been talking about this second wedding celebration for quite a long time. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented any plans from becoming set-in-stone.

In the past, this man had also believed that he would be able to attend once the time came.

“I’ve told them repeatedly in the past that I was going to go, but I had always figured that any date they decided would be, well, further ahead in the future instead of during the most expensive time of the year to fly,” the man explained.

“For context, a round trip would be worth roughly ten percent of all my assets.”

This man truly hoped to find a way to attend. He got his employer to sign off on time away from his research lab and searched desperately for tickets within his budget.

He also noted that he has flown internationally before and knows that the prices are not outrageous– as long as you purchase tickets far enough in advance.

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