This Dog Fell Off A Third Story Balcony After Getting Excited About A Puppy Down Below And She Shattered Her Femur, Nearly Losing Her Life In The Process

Understandably, Izzy’s medical bills are quickly adding up, and after she undergoes surgery, she will need extensive rehabilitation to help her learn how to walk again.

As of right now, Kevin has been quoted an estimated $14,000 to take care of Izzy, which he acknowledges will take him a good amount of time to save up.

“Accepting help from others is not one of my strengths, but I’m humbling myself and viewing this as money for Izzy and doing whatever it takes to make sure she’s taken care of and given a chance to recover,” Kevin said.

GoFundMe; pictured above is another photo of adorable Izzy

If you would like to help Kevin with Izzy’s medical bills, you can do that here.

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