His Girlfriend Thinks That He Should Spend More Than $20,000 On An Engagement Ring: Then She Called Him Cheap At Christmas In Front Of Her Whole Family Because He Disagrees

A 28-year-old man met his 27-year-old girlfriend three years ago, and back then he was pretty recently out of college and working crazy hours for not a lot of money.

He promised his girlfriend that the awful hours and the terrible pay wouldn’t be a waste, since he was trying to work as hard as he could to be in a great financial position.

His girlfriend never gave him a hard time about this, and he was able to move up in his career. He works as a CPA, and back when he met his girlfriend (who is a teacher) he made around $10,000 more than she did.

Now, he’s set to make four times what she does in the New Year. Aside from his girlfriend, his employer is the only other person who knows exactly what he makes with his bonus and annual pay.

“I always communicated with her that I would not spend a lot on a ring; $5K at the absolute maximum because I don’t believe the ring is worth the price,” he explained.

“These may be contentious words here, but the money can be spent better elsewhere. My viewpoint has always been: the excess money that could be spent on a ring would be better served going toward a house and the life built together there.”

“The price and make-up of the ring is not the significance of the commitment, but the ring is the commitment itself — i.e. a $1 vending machine ring is the same as a $35K ring at a base level; two people committing to joining lives together and about a 50:50 split if it goes belly up.”

He always made his position known about an engagement ring, and his girlfriend never had an issue with that.

His girlfriend even said that she thought it would be better for him to invest his money in a home for them, and he recently put in an offer on a 3,800 square foot house that has 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms.

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