You Can Now Buy The Nativity Set That Martha Stewart Made While She Was Behind Bars

It’s funny how we don’t hear about Martha Stewart’s adventures in incarceration that much anymore.

When we do, it’s from Martha herself, ever-so-slightly self-deprecatingly poking fun at her indiscretions by addressing her time imprisoned as “confined,’ or “away at camp.”

In 2004, Martha was jailed for five months, followed by five months of house arrest and two years supervised release, for her involvement in a stock trading scandal.

Additionally, she was prohibited from acting as a director, CEO, or CFO of any public company for another five years.

Interestingly while she was confined, her net worth more than quadrupled, solidifying her relevance, popularity, and ever-classic lifestyle guru trusted tips.

In her most recent TikTok video, she boasts her lovely camp-made Christmas collection in an advertisement-inspired post.

TikTok; pictured above is Martha with her nativity set

While she was “away at camp” in her penalized pottery class, she made an exquisite nativity scene.

The creche consists of fourteen pieces; Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, an innkeeper, camels, oxen, and shepherds and can be yours at four easy payments of $37.25 or $149.00 with complimentary shipping from

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