This Sweet Rescue Puppy Was Born Deaf And Blind: After Being Saved From Being Put Down, She Has Spent The Past Year Struggling With A Mysterious Illness

Boston, Massachusetts. Bunny, better known as Bun to her loved ones, is a sweet rescue puppy who was born deaf and nearly completely blind.

She was dumped in a box next to an Arkansas road along with her siblings, and before she was put down in 2018, her owners saved her life.

“Bunny has the brightest spirit, the most lovable face, and will cause strangers to stop as we pass by on the street to watch her adorable runway walk,” Sabrina Youngman, Bun’s mom, wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“We expected to encounter some health problems due to her hearing and vision, but we have been faced with a difficult year health-wise for Bun and have yet to determine the underlying cause.”

Bun has been suffering from a myriad of different symptoms, but her illness still remains a mystery to the vets that are trying to treat her.

Sabrina says that Bun has gotten so sick in the last year, and she has suffered from rapid weight gain, bloating, and sluggishness.

Sabrina brought Bun to several different vets in order to get different opinions on what could be causing all of these terrible symptoms.

She even had Bun undergo bimonthly bloodwork to try to see if that would reveal the root cause of everything, but with no luck.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Bun

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