This Sweet Rescue Puppy Was Born Deaf And Blind: After Being Saved From Being Put Down, She Has Spent The Past Year Struggling With A Mysterious Illness

Bun simply got more lethargic and couldn’t even go on her walks.

Sabrina even had to bring Bun to a local emergency vet recently after she began vomiting, and even though she had to stay there for a few days, they still couldn’t get to the bottom of everything Bun has been going through.

“Her blood work then showed she has pancreatitis, a mucocele in her gall bladder, and a bladder infection,” Sabrina explained, but there’s more going on with Bun than just that.

“Following the ER visit, we saw some improvement, though it was short-lived. At a follow-up visit, the vet noted that she was terribly anemic, so they conducted an emergency blood transfusion on the 16th.”

“Immediately after, we had some hope as Bun was able to wag her tail again briefly and have some spring in her step.”

“It’s been 5 days since the transfusion and Bun has lost significant energy and threw up in the middle of the night.”

“We now have an exploratory abdominal surgery scheduled for tomorrow to biopsy multiple organs and check for a suspected GI bleed to determine what may be causing her symptoms.”

“The surgery will cost $4,500. We are beyond grateful for any support, donations, shares, and well wishes. All funds raised will go toward Bun’s care.”

If you would like to help donate to cover Bun’s medical costs, you can do that here.

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