After The Bake Shop Messed Up Her Wedding Cupcakes, She Made Them Redo Her Order Several Times

Last Friday, a 29-year-old woman married her 28-year-old husband, and since their wedding was not on the traditional side, they chose not to get a wedding cake.

Instead, they found a specific design for cupcakes that they wanted to have in place of a wedding cake.

So, she went to a bake shop close to where she lives and placed an order for 120 wedding cupcakes.

The cupcakes were supposed to be vanilla cupcakes with frosting that started as white in the center and then gradually became black at the edge in an ombré style.

Two days before her wedding, she stopped in to the bake shop to pick up the cupcakes that she ordered.

“When I arrived on Wednesday at 7:30 AM, I found that they were nothing like I had ordered,” she explained.

“I asked why the frosting on top was completely black, and they said that the cupcakes were filled with white frosting inside and topped with black frosting.”

“I explained how it wasn’t what I asked for, and the worker (a probably 70-year-old woman) agreed to have my order redone by that afternoon, except I’d still have to pay part of the price of the first cupcakes since my “directions were unclear.”

She paid for the cupcakes and was told to come back at around 4:30, so she did, thinking her order would be perfect this time.

Ruth Black –

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