He Got Lost In A Bad Snow Storm And Was Later Found Dead: His Mom Is Now Saying The Sheriff’s Office Refused To Search For Him In The Cold

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. A family got devastating news on January 6th.

Three days before, Jacob, 34, had run his car into a ditch because of a snowstorm. He decided to walk the 6 miles home since he had left his dogs and was about to have a visitation with his son, who is also named Jacob.

But he texted his mom that he got lost on his way home, and she immediately called the Sheriff’s Office of Louisa County. But the sheriffs refused to lead a search party, citing the dangerous weather conditions.

This neglect of duty led to tragedy; three days later, Jacob was found in the woods. It was clear that he had tried to make a fire to get warm but failed to save himself.

His sister Angie decided to share his story and started a Fundraiser for Jacob’s two-year-old son; he was Jacob’s “pride and joy,” she wrote.

Angie began thinking about a fundraiser when community members asked how they could help the family through this difficult time.

So she made a plan; “All funds will be put into a savings account for [Jacob] Dawson to use for college or whatever he so desires when he gets older.”

She expressed her appreciation for the outpouring of love she received on the Facebook fundraiser. Eager to share Jacob’s story, many on the page shared the hashtags, “#justiceforthewhaleys #justiceforjacob.”

The page has achieved stunning success in just one week—they have raised more than $9000, though their original goal was $5000—but the fundraiser has had mixed results in other ways.

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