Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Just To Ask Out Another Woman: He’s Dated That Other Woman A Bit But Now Wants Her Back

A 23-year-old woman started dating her 24-year-old boyfriend back in high school when they were sophomores.

She was head over heels in love with him, and her boyfriend really did love her too.

Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end when her boyfriend started noticing a girl a year younger than them, named Emma, who was gorgeous.

Well, not long after Emma caught her boyfriend’s eye, he dumped her out of the blue and said that he was interested in another girl.

She didn’t know he meant Emma, but she quickly found out that he asked Emma to go on a date with him.

Emma told her now ex-boyfriend she wasn’t interested in him, and their entire high school was aware of all this drama.

Several weeks after Emma turned him down, she began speaking to him and he asked her to go back out with him and she said yes, since she was in love.

“I used to think it had been a very mature act to break up and then ask her out, he could have done it still dating me just to see what she would answer,” she explained.

After getting back together, she’s stayed with her boyfriend since then and it’s been 7 years.

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