Her Boyfriend Insists That He Made Dinner For Her Family Entirely By Hand, But She Knows He Just Fed Them KFC And Lied About It

A 33-year-old woman is in a relationship with her boyfriend, who is 23, and not that long ago they decided to move in with one another.

She figured that since they now are living together, it would be a good idea for him to finally meet her mom and dad.

She picked an evening for her parents to come to their place for dinner, and the plan was that she was going to make dinner for them.

Unfortunately, while she was at work that day, something came up and she had to stay late on the night her mom and dad were coming over.

“I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to reschedule, but he said it would be “no sweat” to handle dinner,” she explained.

“Since we’ve been together he’s mentioned being a really good cook so I was actually quite excited to try his cooking.”

She finished up work that evening, picked up her mom and dad, and brought them over to her place.

When they all walked into her apartment, she was happy to see that everything looked wonderful and her boyfriend got along well with her parents.

Her boyfriend had also made an effort to arrange some snacks for her mom and dad, and so they all sat down to chat with one another.

Dasha Petrenko –

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