Her Dad Is Getting Married To The Woman He Cheated On Her Mom With And She Does Not Want To Go To This Wedding

A 22-year-old woman has a dad who is 52, and he’s set to get married soon for the second time. His wedding is happening this October, and she doesn’t think this is exciting at all.

The problem is, her dad is now tying the knot with the woman he cheated on her mom with, who is named Steph.

“He cheated on my mum about four or five years ago with Steph who at the time was a family friend, my sister (23f) and I found out through finding explicit texts on my dad’s phone,” she explained.

“My sister believed it straight away as she had a suspicion for a while however me being the youngest and still in my teens I chose not to believe it so my sister held it in for about a year.”

So, her sister went an entire year without telling her about their dad secretly cheating, but then while she was at work in a cafe, Steph’s daughter Emily told her something that made her wonder if her dad was cheating.

Emily let her know that she wasn’t able to get into her own house that she shared with her mom Steph the night before because her mom and her mom’s new boyfriend locked the house.

After Steph’s new boyfriend left at 2 in the morning, Emily was able to get back into the house.

Why did she think this was strange? Well, that same evening, her dad was supposed to hang out with their whole family but ditched them to allegedly hang out with a “friend” and he came home at 2 in the morning.

“I checked my dad’s emails on my break because I knew his password, and there it was… a hotel reservation for him and Steph the same time he said he was away for work,” she said.

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