She Wore White To Her Friend’s Wedding, And Then Someone Intentionally Spilled Soda All Over Her

stakhov - - illustrative purposes only

Last Saturday, this 27-year-old woman’s 25-year-old friend got married in Newark, New Jersey. She and her friend are originally from Norway.

Her friend is South Asian, and so she opted to go with a red wedding dress, as that’s in line with her traditions.

Well before the wedding, she asked her friend what the dress code was, and her friend mentioned that she wanted her guests to look their very best, and that was all she cared about.

She also pointed out that in her culture, there is not a specific color that’s taboo to wear. Armed with that information, she picked out a white/cream-colored dress that draped across one shoulder.

There were 270 guests at her friend’s wedding, all dressed in various outfits. Many people had saris or Asian-style dresses, and some of them were also wearing white like she was.

However, she was the only person dressed in a Western-style dress in the color white. Her friend saw her outfit and said she loved what she had on.

Her friend clearly didn’t have a problem with her wearing white, and after all, she told her to wear any color she pleased.

During the wedding, some of the bride’s friends approached her and started chit-chatting with her. But then, one of those girls in the group intentionally spilled soda all over her dress.

“I asked her what she just did and she said that I shouldn’t have come to a wedding with a white dress,” she said.

stakhov – – illustrative purposes only

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