She’s Skipping Her Brother’s Wedding Over The Dress Code His Fiancée’s Demanding Their Guests Adhere To

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In under two months, this 27-year-old woman’s older brother is getting married to his fiancée, Abby. She has never had a relationship with Abby at all.

It’s not like they hate one another, but they’re not exactly best friends, either. They simply exist when around one another.

Anyway, when she got the invitation to the wedding, she was surprised to see that Abby requested that all female guests stick to a specific dress code of off-the-shoulder dresses, or really anything in that style. Abby doesn’t care what the color of your outfit is; it just has to be off-the-shoulder.

She works as a dentist, and she says many people in her profession do not have great posture from having to bend so much.

“I’m not an exception, and I always tend to wear outfits that do not emphasize that part of my body,” she explained.

“Now, the type of clothing this dress code demands needs someone with a good back posture because that’s the emphasis. I totally lack that, and yes, I did try one dress off-the-shoulder, which looked absolutely horrendous.”

“So I asked if the dress code is really that important and if I have to abide by it, but my brother told me Abby stressed this dress code so much.”

Abby stated that if she gives her any flexibility with her outfit, she has to do the same for the rest of the guests.

She was so confused as to why Abby was so insistent that everyone wear off-the-shoulder outfits without giving any kind of an explanation, but whatever.

nastasenko – – illustrative purposes only

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