Her Physical Therapist Just Tried To Make A Move On Her Today In Their Session

A 19-year-old woman recently was in a bad car accident that left her with a terrible injury to her spine.

Although she did spend a lot of time recovering, her doctor told her that he thought that she should start seeing a physical therapist to help with the healing process and to also help her be able to move the way that she did prior to the accident.

She found a medical center close to her house, and that place happens to have a physical therapist; a 27-year-old man whose name is Chris.

Chris found her on Facebook and she accepted his friend request.

In her very first session with Chris, he needed to use a laser on her back so she had to pull her clothing down.

“It was awkward but he talked to me throughout to make it less weird. He seemed friendly and very accommodating,” she explained.

“In one of our sessions before I left, I realized he had been aroused, probably from rubbing creams on my back and upper bottom.”

“I was embarrassed and rushed to leave. I told my boyfriend and he laughed about it. I shrugged it off since anyone I told the story to laughed, so I thought nothing of it any further.”

She continued to see Chris and brushed off what had happened, but after three to four more sessions, she thought she was picking up on another red flag. –

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