Her Sister Lied About Her Fiancé Sexually Assaulting Her And After The Drama That Went Down She Refused To Invite Her Parents To The Wedding

This thirty-two-year-old woman is getting married to her fiancé in March. While this is supposed to be a romantic and thrilling time in her life, the woman is instead consumed by family drama.

Even worse, it all began with her own sister.

The woman’s sister is twenty-eight years old and known by her parents as the “golden child.”

“She could do nothing wrong with my family,” the woman explained, “She is very beautiful and even got away with stealing three of my past boyfriends.”

So, when the woman met her fiancé five years ago, she was understandably reluctant to introduce him to her family. He was exactly her sister’s type. But, after dating him in secret for a year, the woman began to run out of excuses for hiding him.

“I thought if she took him, then it’s better now than after I’ve invested more years with this guy,” she said. So, finally, her sister and her boyfriend met.

“She acted precisely how I expected,” the woman recalled. Her sister was flirty from the start, even though her boyfriend did not reciprocate as past partners had. And, as time progressed, the flirting became even more grossly inappropriate.

“One day, my fiancé told me that he was receiving flirty texts from my sister and even a picture of her in a bra,” the woman said.

She rightfully confronted her sister in their mother’s kitchen. Her sister ran away crying and outrageously claimed that she could take the woman’s boyfriend if she really wanted to.

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