Police Department Tells Residents To Be On The Lookout For Apple AirTags After Two People Found Them Placed On Their Cars To Track Their Movements

West Seneca, New York. The West Seneca Police Department issued a warning to locals to be on the lookout for Apple AirTags after two people found the devices on their cars so that their movements could be tracked.

“We have had two reports in the past month of Apple AirTag trackers believed to have been placed on unsuspecting owner’s vehicles that were discovered after their iPhone alerted them to the tracker’s presence,” The West Seneca Police Department said in a statement issued to Facebook.

“No crimes were committed against these people after their discovery and there is no need to unnecessarily panic, but awareness of these things is important.”

“In other areas, primarily metro Toronto, the trackers are being used to tag and steal desirable cars from residences.”

“We don’t have any instances of this (all of your cars are just stolen the old-fashioned way with the keys left in them).”

The West Seneca Police Department continued to say that many iPhones will send an alert to notify you if a device is somehow put on your car without your knowledge and the AirTag loses the connection with the person who placed it here.

The notification will say something along the lines of “AirTag found moving with you.”

If you don’t happen to have an iPhone though, you obviously won’t get any kind of notification about an AirTag.

“This is not widespread in our area but if you get an alert like this on your phone, you should immediately contact the police or drive to your nearest police station,” the West Seneca Police Department advised.

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