She Called Out A Customer Who Didn’t Leave Her A Tip But Did Leave Her His Phone Number And It’s Sparking A TikTok Debate About Tipping Servers

This waitress took to Tik Tok to expose poor tipping practices in American restaurants. She shared a story of a time that diners had run up an expensive tab, hit on her, and then failed to tip.

In her video, she explained, “the bill was over $200 and they did not leave a tip. But they did have the audacity to leave one of their numbers and tell me they thought I was cute.”

So, she decided to confront them with a clever text. She wrote, “Next time you leave your number make sure you leave a tip ;).”

The video received mixed reviews, and the comments sparked a heated debate on tipping practices.

A few commenters who live in European countries expressed confusion about why a waitress would even expect to be tipped for every meal.

In Europe, servers earn a living wage from their paid hours alone rather than depend on tips to supplement their income.

For example, a user from the Netherlands says that since tipping isn’t common practice in his country, he wouldn’t tip on a trip to the US either, despite knowing how underpaid its servers are.

But in the US, some restaurants only pay servers $3-$4 an hour because tipping is customary. 

TikTok; pictured above is this woman in her TikTok video

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