She’s Been Dating Her Boyfriend For 9 Months And He Asked Her Over The Phone To Marry Him

A 25-year-old woman originally met her 27-year-old boyfriend when she was an exchange student in Japan.

She does reside in Canada, but while she was in Japan she got close to one of the women in her class.

Then, she got to know this woman’s brother, who is now her boyfriend. Before they began dating, they wound up becoming best friends.

“We were inseparable for all the years I lived there,” she explained. “Me and him started officially dating only when I was about to leave.”

“I’ve been back home for 6 months now, and I miss him A LOT. We still talk every day, but long-distance relationships are hard.”

“He came to visit me last month and we spent the holidays together, but it’s not like we can see each other often.”

“The other day we were talking on the phone and I was literally crying because I miss him, so he asked to marry me.”

When the words came out of his mouth she laughed, but her boyfriend insisted that he wasn’t joking with her at all.

Apparently, he’s known since their very first date that he wanted to end up marrying her, and although they have only been dating for 9 months, he thinks this is the next best step for them.

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