She’s Not Sure How To Break It To Her Brother That She Doesn’t Want To Attend His Destination Wedding In Mexico

One woman has a brother who is planning on getting married in Mexico, but the problem is, she wants to skip her brother’s wedding entirely.

“Our immediate reactions, collectively, were to be very happy for the couple, but also very confused about their choice to do a Mexico destination wedding,” she explained. 

Of course, destination weddings are anything but convenient, especially when guests aren’t given much notice to make plans. But things were escalating too quickly for her.

“They’ve sent an RVSP via email and stated we need to have booking info confirmed at the resort ($500 a night, minimum 3 nights) by end of year.”

Not only is this obscenely expensive nightly fee, but the timeline for booking a cheaper option was just too short.

In addition, her sister, who has two kids, also had to tell their brother that her husband couldn’t come because of a work conflict.

But this kind of news seemed off-limits based on the poster’s earlier interaction with her brother.

He came into her room one night when they were on vacation. He was visibly drunk, and he went off on her, saying that her husband “better come” to his wedding.

She quickly responded that her husband is an adult capable of making his own plans and decisions, but she tried to laugh it off since her brother was drunk.

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