She’s Refusing To Go To Her Mom’s Wedding Because Her Sister Will Be There With Her Service Dog

A 20-year-old woman has an 18-year-old sister who suffers from very severe epilepsy. 5 years ago, her sister tried to take medication to help her with her epilepsy, and unfortunately, some of the side effects that came along with the meds weren’t great.

Eventually, her sister’s doctor recommended that she get a service dog that could help warn everyone when her sister was about to have an episode.

“I, however, am severely allergic to dogs,” she explained. “Most dogs I cannot be around. However, my grandmother had a purebred poodle that I never had any reaction to.”

“So I asked that the dog they get be a poodle so that I can live in the house without being miserable.”

“They did look into it but they found no groups near us that bred purebred poodles for service work, so they got an “F1B goldendoodle” that’s 25% poodle and 75% golden retriever.”

“My father was against the dog and wanted to at least wait until I had gone to college but my mother and the doctor insisted so we got the dog.”

Well, they went ahead with getting her sister this service dog, and she wound up incredibly allergic to the dog since it is part Golden Retriever.

She couldn’t find any allergy meds to help her without making her drowsy, and since that was a bust, she had to stop taking the meds because she couldn’t afford to be drowsy with school, work, and sports.

Then, her mom and dad went through a divorce, and although they got separate houses, she still had a tough time because the dog ended up being at her mom and her dad’s houses.

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