The Guy She’s Been Seeing For 3 Months Didn’t Get Her Any Gifts For The Holidays Or Do Anything Special For Her So She’s Thinking Of Ending Things

She was surprised to find that he didn’t get her anything, but she tried to downplay it because he does pay for every single dinner they have.

She left to see her family, the holidays passed, and then she called him up when she came home. They had a nice chat on the phone, and he asked if he could take her out for “a nice night.”

She figured this was some kind of after holiday present to her, which she found very sweet.

“I started to have feelings for him and thought, he really is a good guy,” she said. “How thoughtful of him. (Generosity/gift-giving is my love language) We were going to get dinner the next night.”

“The next thing I know, he’s calling me and told me he was too busy to go out the next night and he was worried about getting covid before he visits his daughter so would I be ok with staying in and getting carryout? To…his favorite sushi place?”

“I said, can we get different food? To which he replied, “I’m paying”. So I said sure, we can do sushi. He also said, how about 8:30? He goes to bed at 10:30.”

“This, to me, was sushi and a booty call.”

Initially, she was alright with this, but then she decided that he really does not care about her or value her in the least.

She felt that he wasn’t making any effort at all, so she phone him up and said that she changed her mind and would not be meeting up with him at all.

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“I told him I was upset and that he does a great job at making me feel unspecial,” she continued.

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