This Park In Bali Rescued 30 Elephants From Terrible Fates, Making It Home To The Largest Herd Of Elephants On The Island

Since 2012, the status of the Sumatran elephant has been critically endangered.

Over two-thirds of its natural habitat has fallen victim to rapid deforestation, leading to human-elephant conflict, causing local extinctions in many areas.

As a result, half of the Asian elephant population was lost in one generation. Less than 700 are left in the wild and may be extinct by 2030.

Making sure these animals are protected is critical to the species survival.

Several Asian elephant sanctuaries are trying to prevent widespread extinction throughout Indonesia.

However, there is only one dedicated elephant rescue park. The Mason Adventures Elephant Park in Taro, Bali, is top-rated.

It holds a gold accreditation exceeding government and Asian Captive Elephant Standards (ACES) in its efforts to rescue, protect, preserve, provide and educate the world about Sumatran elephants and their survival.

The Mason Elephant Park has 30 Sumatran elephants at their park. To feed the elephant herd costs about $30,000 a month. 

The park relies on tourism to care for the elephants and additional income to support over 150 employees throughout the year.

Aleksandar Todorovic –

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