This Toddler Is The Only Person In The World With This Undiagnosed Genetic Disease And Now That He Has Learned How To Walk His Family Is Hoping To Raise Enough Money To Fence In Their Yard To Keep Him Safe

Westford, Massachusetts. Weston is an adorable 3-month-old little boy who currently is the only person in the world with a specific genetic disease that has yet to be diagnosed.

“He is being researched by the National Institute of Health Undiagnosed Diseases Network at the Harvard site,” Tory Nersasian, Weston’s aunt, wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“He has an undiagnosed genetic disease that has not been discovered yet. He is the only one in the world with this undiagnosed genetic disease.”

“He also has a rare eye disease. He has brain abnormalities, epilepsy, weakness to his left side of his body, hypothyroidism, a rare eye condition where his 4th nerve is paralyzed, an inner ear malformation, a nose malformation, and he has Cortical visual impairment, so he is legally blind.”

“He is having his 3rd eye surgery in March, at only 3 years old. He is non-verbal, and he is globally developmentally delayed. Weston is in Pediatric Palliative Care, Department of Developmental Services, DPH Care Coordination, and Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.”

Weston usually goes to over 300 doctor appointments every year, but since the pandemic hit, these appointments all became virtual as opposed to in-person.

Weston’s parents Pat and Ali think that Weston’s increased time at home led to him miraculously learning how to walk, which is something he never was capable of.

Now that Weston has mastered walking, he’s now an avid runner, who frequently makes his way to the street.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Weston

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