He Really Thinks That His Girlfriend’s Cat Is Ruining Their Relationship

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A guy has been dating his girlfriend for several years, and not that long ago, they purchased a house.

He’s in the middle of getting ready for their big move to their house, and he’s excited for all the projects they can work on to really make their home their own.

One thing he’s really not thrilled about with though is having to continue living under the same roof as his girlfriend’s cat.

He has known the cat for about as long as he has known his girlfriend, and the cat turned into a monster as soon as they began living together.

Now, he does have a dog, so initially, he and his girlfriend figured that his dog was bothering her cat.

Although they had never witnessed his dog doing anything mean to the cat, they thought it was best to just be cautious and separate them.

His girlfriend took his lofted space that he was using as a project area to make that the cat room.

“Because the cat has problems with jumping onto things like counters and tables and scratching at everything despite having every cat toy in the world, I had to move all of my projects and workspace into a separate storage area,” he explained.

“This is when I realized this cat was ruining my relationship with my girlfriend. I started to resent it.”

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