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This Teen Was Reported Missing In 1989, And It Turns Out She’s The Rising Fawn Jane Doe

Dade County, Georgia. It was December 16, 1988, when 2 DOT workers spotted her lying just off I-59.

She was 5 miles from the line that divides Georgia and Alabama, dressed in a navy-colored long-sleeved shirt, laced-up black shoes, and Calvin Klein jeans.

She had a tiny, delicate gold chain hanging from her neck and a pinkie ring on one of her hands.

Someone had murdered her before dumping her along the highway, but it would take 33 years to learn her name.

Since she didn’t have her real name, she was called the “Rising Fawn Jane Doe” after the little community she was found close to.

A year after she was discovered, she was laid to rest in an unmarked grave located in Dade County.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation; pictured above is Stacey Lyn Chahorski

One of the forensic artists from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation created sketches of the young woman, in addition to clay sculptures, in an effort to help figure out who she was.

For years, there was just no headway made on her case, until it was reassigned in the 2000s. After the reassignment of her case, new evidence was discovered and given to the FBI.

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