A Model Has Accused An Artist Of Using A Photo Of Her Face To Create A Nude Painting Without Her Consent

Mei Yue, a model from Singapore, recently took to TikTok after accusing artist Angelina Poveteva of using a photo of her face to create a nude painting of her without her consent.

Since allegedly using Yue’s photograph, Poveteva’s piece “Time To Open Your Eyes” has been exhibited and sold for twenty thousand dollars. Yue’s upset is a combination of the lack of consent surrounding Poveteva’s painting and the message the painting represents.

On Yue’s TikTok, she explained the entire situation in-depth.

“This is Angelina Poveteva, the artist for this painting which looks exactly like this photo of me,” Yue began before showing a side-by-side of Poveteva’s painting versus a portrait of her face.

She explained how Poveteva opened the painting to the public at ten thousand dollars.

“And besides that, she also put it up at an exhibition where hundreds of people have posed and taken pictures with it like I am some kind of freak show,” Yue said.

Yue did reach out to Poveteva numerous times and included screenshots of their conversations throughout the TikTok.

In one conversation, Yue explained to Poveteva that she has gone through this– the theft of a reference image– before. Yue begged her to take down the painting and “never sell it.”

TikTok; pictured above is Mei Yue in one of her videos

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