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After Her Cousin Tried To Kiss Her, She Wants To Not Invite Certain Family Members To Her Upcoming Wedding

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A bride-to-be is feeling flustered and frustrated after an awkward encounter with one of her family members interrupted her wedding planning process.

It was a night out with her cousins that turned sour for her, and she is super close with her immediate cousins. She’s very close to one, in particular, named Rebecca.

Rebecca has her own cousins on the opposite side of her family that she is close with as well since they have known each other since they were babies and spent a lot of time together over the years.

She is engaged and in the middle of planning her wedding. Recently, she decided to have a night out with Rebecca and three of her cousins; Jenna (24), Aaron (30), and Ryan (27).

They headed out to a club and ended up getting pretty drunk. Aaron tried to kiss her two different times throughout the night and she fought him off each time.

Rebecca and Jenna then escorted her to the bathroom because she began to cry.

“It just felt so wrong,” she explained. She felt guilty despite the fact that she didn’t show any interest in Aaron throughout the night.

She wasn’t flirting or asking to be kissed. She even revealed that she practically had to punch him to get him off of her.

Later on, Aaron and his brother Ryan both apologized for Aaron’s behavior, but it wasn’t necessarily all that genuine.

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