He’s Falling For His Ex-Girlfriend’s Younger Sister And He’s Wondering If It’s Acceptable To Date Her

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A 33-year-old man was in a relationship with his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend for close to 7 long years.

Their relationship started out strong and wonderful, but then they began growing apart. By the time lockdown hit last year, he split up with her even though they still lived together.

When lockdown lifted, his ex-girlfriend moved out of their house and that was it. They surprisingly still get along well and even have the same group of friends.

They also get together and hang out occasionally by themselves, which I have to say is kind of weird, but it gets weirder.

His ex-girlfriend has a younger sister who is 26, and he has always liked his ex’s sister.

“We share a lot of interests, we have the same profession and genuinely grew quite close over the years,” he explained.

He insists that he never thought of his ex-girlfriend’s sister in a romantic way while he was dating his ex.

Now that he’s moved on from his ex though, he’s finding that he has some strong feelings for her younger sister.

“I have ignored it thinking it might just be natural to like someone I get on so well with,” he said. “A few weeks ago I randomly ran into (her) on a night out, we spoke, drank and danced and by the end of the evening while I was waiting with her so she could get a taxi she confessed that she likes me and really doesn’t know what to do.”

kiuikson –

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