Licorice May Be Able To Help Prevent Or Treat Specific Kinds Of Cancer

A recent study suggested that licorice — yes, like the candy — may have positive outcomes when it comes to treating and even preventing certain types of cancer.

The study itself was titled, “Oncopreventive and oncotherapeutic potential of licorice triterpenoid compound glycyrrhizin and its derivatives: Molecular insights.”

The study explains, “Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a well-known natural herb used to treat different ailments since ancient times.”

The authors go on to refer to it as Glycyrrhiza as GL, which is the “primary compound of licorice extract.”

According to the study, both GL and its companion GA have proven anti-inflammatory effects and have also demonstrated “positive anticancer, antiviral, anti-diabetic, antioxidant” ingredients.

The report stated their plan and applied the experiment to study the cells leading to colon cancers.

“To investigate the anti-inflammatory role of GL and GA in affecting carcinogenesis,” or the growth and reproduction of carcinogens that cause cancer, the authors “explored the therapeutic potential of GZA against the development of colonic precancerous lesions.”

GL has even been shown to inhibit the growth and replication of the coronavirus. It does this by changing the “signaling pathways” of the virus.

In addition, inflammatory effects also act against the chronic inflammation linked to cancerous growth.


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