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She’s Wearing Her Fiancé’s Stepsister’s Prom Dress To Her Wedding, And Now Her Fiancé’s Family Is Furious

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A woman is going to be getting married soon, and she’s having her wedding on a super strict budget.

One speed bump she’s currently experiencing is her fiancé’s mom, who absolutely hates her guts and has admitted that to her face.

Her fiancé’s mom is not easy to get along with and she says and does extremely hurtful things to her aside from professing her undying hatred.

Her fiancé’s mom recently got married herself, and her current husband comes with a 21-year-old daughter named Gabby whom her fiancé’s mom doesn’t like.

“Gabby’s dad is loaded and bought her a really high-end prom dress, which just happened to be white,” she explained.

Gabby asked her if she would like to wear this prom dress for her wedding since Gabby is done using it, and after Gabby’s dad found out, he lost it. Her fiancé’s mom is also mad as well that she is going to be wearing this dress.

Gabby’s dad is the most upset though because he “didn’t spend all that money” for her to turn around and wear Gabby’s prom dress as a wedding dress.

Everyone in her fiancé’s family thinks that Gabby is just letting her wear the prom dress in order to make waves in the family.

“Gabby was pretty smug and giggly, so she probably is, but I don’t care it’s still a free dress,” she said.

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