The Guy That She’s Dating Is Still Holding Onto Some Of His Ex-Wife’s Things And It Seems Like He’s Expecting Her To Use Or Wear Them

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A woman is currently dating a guy, and although they’re not technically boyfriend and girlfriend yet, she’s positive that’s the direction they’re moving in.

Their relationship is “slowly” getting to an official point. She really does like this guy a lot, and she finds that they really have excellent chemistry.

This guy did reveal to her that he divorced his now ex-wife only about one year ago.

Pretty recently, this guy invited her to come over to his apartment to eat dinner together and watch a movie.

“Everything was okay till the moment when I had to use the bathroom,” she explained. “I walked to the bathroom and there was female body mist, lotion, face wash, etc.”

“Then he wanted to show me his watch collection and in the bedroom, there were female perfumes, hairbrush, slippers, and other bits.”

She did confront him, asking why he still has his ex-wife’s personal belongings lying about his apartment even though they’re no longer together.

His excuse was that the items he has left of hers just are not that “important” and they’re simply leftover from when she did live there with him.

Well, that answer wasn’t good enough for her, and she kept pressing him about it since she found it extremely weird.

alonesdj –

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