The Story Of Sweet 6-Month-Old Karou Is Heartbreaking But May Have A Happy Ending

When I read this story on a GoFundMe posting, I got upset. Anytime I come across anything that has to do with people being mean to animals, I lose faith in humanity.

I cannot think of any valid reason to treat an animal with anything but kindness. Poor Karou is a victim of senseless, cowardly, and inhumane treatment.

He is a six-month-old Alaskan Malamute brought to the veterinary office, barely able to walk or use either of his back legs. 

He was extremely underweight and had some type of skin issue that discolored his fur. It was obvious he needed medical attention immediately. 

After x-rays and a complete examination, the vets concluded that both of his knees were broken. This poor dog was suffering.

The vets said Karou was sweet and gentle. They said he was crying out in pain as they positioned him for his examination, but Karou still stayed calm and seemed like he knew they were there to help him. 

Because his injuries were so extreme, only surgery could help give him any kind of normal life. Unfortunately, the animal hospital that took him in did not perform specialized surgery and referred him to another facility nearby. Unfortunately, Karou’s surgery is going to cost upwards of $12,000. 

$12,000 is a lot of money for surgery, but the only other option is euthanasia in his case. Since Karou was surrendered and brought in by a good samaritan, he would unlikely receive the life-saving surgery he needs.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Karou

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