These People Debunked Common Survival Myths That May Actually Kill You

Daniel Kraso? - - Illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Do you ever worry about getting stuck in a survival situation? Whether you fret about an impending zombie apocalypse or worry about more realistic scenarios like natural disasters and hikes gone wrong, it never hurts to brush up on tips for survival.

Still, because of social media and popular entertainment, tons of disinformation can circulate that may cause more harm than good in these situations.

The online community has recently shared debunked survival myths that are not only wrong but can actually kill you.

You Can Freeze To Death In The Desert

“People say that the desert is hot and little clothing is best. But, cover up during both the day and the night.”

“The sun will burn and dehydrate you very quickly. And during the night, it is really common for people to die of hypothermia because the temperature drops so fast.”

“I live here during the winter, and the desert reaches the low twenties often, and the wind is awful.”


Don’t Do This In A Tornado

Daniel Kraso? – – Illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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