This Dog Is Suffering From A Medical Mystery

Manhattan, Illinois. Sweet Thor is on an up and down journey with his health, and his future is looking unclear.

His owner Michael set up a GoFundMe to raise money for his treatment and has kept donors updated as Thor’s condition develops.

Thor has had bladder stones that have made it hard for him to use the bathroom. His vet removed two of the bigger stones and flushed his bladder; but, it was still inflamed, and other stones were developing.

The risk of infection remained high, and his owner worked with the medical team to find medications that might improve Thor’s condition.

A new diet could help reduce the chance of infection; however, his urine was cloudy, which was a bad sign for his medical team.

Thankfully, Thor was slowly returning to his usual self. Michael shared, “On a lighter note, the vet also let me know that his demeanor is better and he’s wanting to “help” everyone in the office. He is not out of the woods just yet so keep the prayers and good juju coming!”

They are slowly narrowing down what kind of stones Thor doesn’t have, which will ultimately help his team figure out what is happening.

They are evidently not calcium-based stones or struvite stones.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Thor

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