This Rescued Bull Terrier Accidentally Ate Something She Shouldn’t Have, And Now She Needs Surgery

San Francisco, California. Susi Ming posted on GoFundMe to ask the community to help Frankie Grace, an adopted pup from the Bull Terrier Rescue, with her surgery.

Susie explained that Frankie Grace came to the rescue facility four years ago. Although, since then, she has been best friends with another Bull Terrier Rescue resident Queenie, “they have remained inseparable to this day,” Susie wrote.

Everything was fine until March 24, 2022, when Frankie Grace started to show signs of discomfort, and she was hospitalized shortly after.

Through diagnosis and surgery, the vet told the people from the rescue that Frankie Grace had bones and feathers in her intestinal tract, and some bones had punctured her intestinal lining.

In addition, there were about six inches of the damaged intestine that needed to be removed and resected from Frankie Grace’s body.

It turns out that Frankie Grace has a history of obstruction, though they were not sure if it was genetic. Frankie Grace originally came to the Bull Terrier Rescue because her previous owner could not afford her obstruction surgery.

Susi and her team, along with Frankie Grace’s new adopter Leah, took a closer look. They suspected that Frankie Grace got a hold of a bird carcass, which was missed during daily sweeps. And the bird carcass could be the prey of their neighbor’s cats and was left behind in the yard.

Now Leah is highly watchful of Frankie Grace to prevent her from consuming anything she is not supposed to.

GoFundMe; Frankie Grace is pictured above on the left

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