A Bone Infection Left This Poor Kitty In Need Of An Amputation

Homestead, Florida. Indica is a playful kitty who loves jumping and running around, but that ability was suddenly deprived of him.

Indica’s owners, Cayla Garcia and Natasha Vazquez, noticed that he had stopped jumping one day and started limping.

Knowing something was very wrong, they took Indica to the vet immediately. Soon after the diagnosis, the vet confirmed that the poor kitty had osteomyelitis. 

There was an infection in Indica’s bone of his back left leg, and that infection had slowly eaten up his other bones.

Unfortunately, the disease was already spreading, which caused pain for Indica to put any weight on that leg. With the sudden news, Cayla and Natasha decided to save their fur baby quickly.

Cayla and Natasha had to conclude that they would have to amputate the infected leg to save Indica’s life. 

“Amputation was the last route we wanted to take. However, there is no saving the leg,” Cayla explained.

“Since this infection can spread and enter his bloodstream, we would rather not risk saving the leg.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Indica

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