A Match Made In Heaven: This Couple Got Married On Their Southwest Airlines Flight

Have you ever gotten the urge to marry your fiancé on the spot? Well, two lovebirds named Pam and Jeremy actually acted on the impulse and got married during a Southwest Airlines flight.

On Tuesday, April 19, the pair had joked about wanting to catch a flight to Vegas to get married. Soon after, both Pam and Jeremy realized that neither partner was really kidding.

They initially booked a Sunday flight to Vegas with another airline and planned to hit a wedding chapel Sunday evening.

But, after leaving Oklahoma City and arriving in Dallas Fort Worth for their connecting flight, the couple realized their connection had been canceled.

Luckily, another passenger named Chris, who was also traveling to Las Vegas, overheard Pam and Jeremy discussing their debacle. Chris explained that he is an ordained minister and offered to marry the fiancés himself.

Southwest Airlines recounted the spectacular wedding event that followed in a now-viral Facebook post.

“The three [Pam, Jeremy, and Chris] went online, snatched up the last three seats to Vegas on a Southwest flight, and hurried together across town to Dallas Love Field,” the post recalled.

While boarding their flight, all dressed up in wedding attire, the couple gained a lot of attention from crew members. The flight’s pilot, named Captain Gil, even asked Pam about her wedding dress.

Facebook; pictured above are Pam and Jeremy getting married on their flight

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