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An Animal Shelter Was Flooded With More Than 200 Adoption Applications For This Young German Shepherd After Sharing That He Was Surrendered By His Family And Doing Poorly At The Shelter

Anytime you hear about a family or individual having to surrender their animal to a shelter, it’s heartbreaking, and not every animal does well being taken out of their home.

Two days ago, the Stafford County Animal Shelter, located in Stafford, Virginia, took to Facebook to ask for help with a dog that was recently dropped off with them named Marley.

Marley is a German Shepard, and only 2-years-old. Marley’s family gave him up to the Stafford County Animal Shelter since they were traveling too frequently.

Marley’s family also mentioned to the Stafford County Animal Shelter that Marley “cannot be controlled” though the shelter was confused about this, as they have not seen Marley act in an uncontrollable way while he has been in their care.

“Marley is not doing well at the shelter,” the Stafford County Animal Shelter sadly revealed in a Facebook post with a photo of Marley staring into the corner of his cage.

“He is VERY scared of new people and completely out of his element.”

The Stafford County Animal Shelter went on to say that Marley walks like a pretty good boy on a leash but he does require some more training since he tends to pull.

Marley appears to be housetrained, and they wanted to find him a family or person who was willing to step up and be patient with him.

Facebook; pictured above is Marley

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