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He Took His Girlfriend Out To Eat But After She Ordered Spaghetti, He Left Her There By Herself

Africa Studio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old guy currently lives with his girlfriend, whose name is Ally, and he really is in love with her.

The one thing he dislikes about Ally though is how she acts when eating, which he describes as not so lady-like.

Getting straight to the point, Ally is a loud eater, and when they do go out to have meals together, normally people around them don’t notice because the noise of the restaurant is louder than Ally’s eating.

There is a dish that Ally enjoys though that she eats so vigorously that there’s no way to hide the horror of her manners at the table.

“However, when Ally eats pasta, she slurps her noodles so loudly that people from other tables look,” he explained.

“It’s completely mortifying to hear people murmur about her loud slurping all the time. I know this might be normal in some cultures, but from where I’m from in the US, it looks really uncultured and bothers some people who are more sensitive to sounds.”

He has made an effort to get Ally to circularly twirl her pasta into a less offensively loud shape to consume, but Ally isn’t interested.

He then thought he could suggest to Ally to put tinier amounts of pasta in her mouth in an effort to keep things less in everyone’s face, but that has not worked either.

Ally simply does things the way that she does things and there’s no way around it.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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