Her Best Friend’s Husband Tried To Hit On Her, But Her Best Friend Blamed Her For His Behavior

Instead of keeping this secret for him, she turned around and told her best friend. She broke the news to her best friend in the gentlest way that she could envision.

She took screenshots of the evidence, and the following morning, she called her best friend to say that she would like her to come over to her house.

Once her best friend arrived, she showed her the evidence and mentioned that she thought it would be best to tell her all of this face-to-face.

While she knew her best friend would be so angry, she didn’t expect her best friend to be angry with her instead of her husband.

“She told me I must have led him on in some way to make him think that kind of message was ok, that he’d never do something like this without being tempted first,” she said.

“I told her I’d never do that to anyone last of all my best friend and pointed out how clearly disgusted I was by what he’d written, I then told her I was worried because if he’d do this to her best friend what was he doing with women who didn’t know her?”

Her best friend stormed out and has not said a single word in the aftermath of that discussion. She has tried to reach out to her best friend, but she’s been met with radio silence.

It’s unbelievable that her best friend blamed her, and she’s holding out hope that her best friend just lashed out at her without believing her own words.

On a long enough timeline, she’s expecting her best friend to come to her senses, and return to their friendship.

She can’t imagine there was a better way to break the news to her bestie, and staying quiet on this matter wasn’t an option.

“Of course, I don’t expect her to be…grateful, it’s a heartbreaking thing,” she said. “However I wasn’t going to keep it from her as that’d be far worse.”

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