Her Boyfriend Purposely Let Her Think That He Doesn’t Make A Lot Of Money In Order To Test Her

puhhha - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old woman first met her 33-year-old boyfriend in a bar, and that was a bit more than one year ago now.

Back when she did originally meet him, he told her about the kind of job that he had, though she didn’t quite understand what he meant.

She thought that her boyfriend had some kind of a job working in an office, doing something related to sales.

“I knew he made enough money to support himself but figured he made more than I do but not by much,” she explained. “For context, I make around $30k a year.”

Well, apparently she was completely wrong about what her boyfriend does for a living, and although she has spoken to him multiple times throughout their relationship about what she thought he did, he never bothered to set her straight.

In fact, her boyfriend has purposely let her think that he doesn’t make a lot of money in order to “test” her.

Several weeks ago, her boyfriend wanted to know if she would like to come with him on a business trip he had to take, and she was instantly puzzled.

She didn’t think that what he did for a living warranted a trip anywhere, and it was then that she found out the truth about what her boyfriend does.

He finally filled her in on the fact that he’s really important at the company where he does work, and he was aware she had no clue, yet he was perfectly fine letting her believe that.

puhhha – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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