She Doesn’t Want To Walk At Her High School Graduation But Her Mom Won’t Take No For An Answer

bakharev - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 17-year-old girl is going to be graduating from high school in just 2 weeks, and her school turns graduation into a whole production.

Her school always holds graduation ceremonies in this enormous auditorium that has plenty of room for students and all of their loved ones.

Last year, she decided that when it came time for her to graduate, she would not be walking across the stage.

“I have generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety, and the constant stress and sleepless nights of worrying aren’t really worth participating in the whole ‘tradition’ thing in my mind,” she explained.

“I’ve talked to the guidance counselor and vice principal and they’ve said I don’t have to participate in the ceremony if I don’t want to.”

Although her vice principal and guidance counselor are sympathetic to her not wanting to walk at graduation, her mom and dad are not.

Her dad never got to graduate from high school as he dropped out, so he was really looking forward to seeing her walk.

Her mom expects her to walk as she believes it’s an important milestone in her life. Despite the pressure from her mom and the possibility of crushing her dad’s dream, she said she wasn’t going to do it.

She thought that both her mom and dad were going to accept her refusal to walk at graduation, but that’s not how things went.

bakharev – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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