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She Freaked Out On Her Mom After She Found Out Her Parents Donated $20,000 Worth Of Prom Dresses To Her High School, Yet They Made Her Wear An $8 Dress To Her Prom - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old woman spent the majority of her childhood thinking that she and her family were poor.

She had to dive into dumpsters at the mall to get clothing or shoes. She wasn’t allowed to flush the toilet in her house every time she used it, and she was never allowed to use the heat or AC in her house either, which meant she also had to take only cold showers.

When she entered high school, she learned that this all was not true at all and that her mom and dad did have a lot of money.

“In high school, I found out my parents are very rich,” she explained. “I got very frustrated at them about how we were living and they agreed to make some changes including showering with hot water, and flushing the toilet.”

Her parents also would not let her have a job in high school, which she says is part of their Indian culture.

She pleaded with her parents to permit her to have a job so she could have enough money to buy a dress for her prom, but her parents still said no.

They swore that they would let her buy the dress she wanted when it came time for prom, but that’s not how things went down.

She really did not have the best experience or night of her life back when she attended her prom 2 years ago, and that’s due to the fact that her parents made her show up in an $8 prom dress.

Instead of keeping their promise and letting her pick out any dress she wanted, her parents completely cheaped out. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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