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She Just Found Out That The Guy She Went On A Date With Also Took Her Best Friend Out On A Date So She’s Curious If She Should Confront Him On Date Two

Although Brad was ready to be serious about her, she told Brad that she liked him more like a friend than romantically.

She reassured Brad that she was fine with him chatting with other women, and would hate to prevent him from meeting someone else due to how indecisive she was about getting into anything with him.

Two weeks after her conversation with Brad, she changed her mind. She really did like Brad far more than just “a friend” and she got up the courage to tell him.

Several weeks later, she went on her first date with Brad to the local zoo, and their date was pretty much magical.

Two days ago, she went to her final tournament for the chess club, and she drove there and back with her best friend Janet.

On the ride home, Janet told her twin sister that Brad had taken her out on a date, and her sister in turn told her.

“From what we put together, Brad went on this casual date with Janet the day after I told him I liked him back, but he had planned it before that,” she said.

“Because of this, I don’t think that he intentionally did this, I think that he was just moving on and exploring new things, which is completely fine. My problem comes with the fact that he may like both me and my good friend Janet.”

“My thought is that even though I also like Brad romantically, I personally think that Brad and Janet would be a cute couple because they have a lot in common.”

Janet and Brad have had a lot of experience in the dating department, though she has not, so she’s concerned they would “connect on a deeper level” than she and Brad would.

She’s about to go on a second date with Brad tomorrow, and she’s thinking she should talk to him about his date with Janet.

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