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She Offered To Do Her Niece’s Makeup For Prom But Now Expects Her Sister To Pay Her For It

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A 34-year-old woman has a 16-year-old niece who recently attended junior prom. Her niece is her sister’s child, and her sister is no longer married to her niece’s dad.

Her sister went through an ugly divorce, and even in the aftermath of that, her sister’s now ex-husband still doesn’t exactly step up as a dad.

When the weekend of her niece’s prom arrived, her sister managed to get her ex to agree to take their other children so her sister could focus on getting her niece ready for prom.

“The deal was she had to pay for every facet of prom; dress, shoes, hair, dinner, tickets, nails, makeup, etc.,” she explained about the deal her sister cut with her ex-husband.

“He makes significantly more money than she does and could easily afford to help pay, but he knew how badly she wanted to be the one to help her get ready and he preyed on that.”

Her sister did have everything ready and lined up for her niece to have a great prom. Her sister had even found a person to do her niece’s makeup, but at the last minute, this person canceled.

Her sister posted on social media wondering if she knew someone that could step in to cover, and she saw the post.

She wound up calling her sister to say she would be happy to do her niece’s prom makeup.

She wanted to do something nice for her niece, as she adores her niece and does not get to spend a lot of time with her, so getting to do this together was special.

neonshot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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