She Used Up All Of Her College Money In Order To Save Her Cat’s Life

Charleston, South Carolina. Brittany Holladay had made a significant, or as one would say, life-changing decision for both her and her cat–she would be giving up all the savings she had to save her fur baby’s life.

That was not even a question to Brittany: this beloved kitty Poppy has been with her for most of her life and “has saved Brittany so many times when she was low.” Poppy is considered Brittany’s best friend.

Things started on April 1st, the day we wished all the bad and tricks weren’t true. First, Brittany heard some unusual sounds from Poppy during dinner time. Then, when she rushed to check on Poppy, she tried to use the bathroom, where she usually would never go.

While Brittany helped Poppy out with her “business,” she noticed Poppy was constipated. Feeling strange but nothing too concerned, Brittany carefully monitored Poppy for the next two days. During those days, Poppy was also sleeping in the places she usually wouldn’t go.

On April 3rd, Brittany was woken up by a shrill sound at 9 AM–it was Poppy’s scream. As Brittany ran down the hall to check on Poppy, she realized that Poppy was utterly limp from the waist down.

Poppy also had not touched any of her food and water for two days. She also did not use her litter box at all.

Rushing to the local Urgent Care, Brittany was told that she needed to take Poppy to the nearest hospital immediately as Poppy might have a severe heart problem. “Her heart was only beating at 70 beats a minute when it should be 170,” Brittany explained.

Brittany then rushed Poppy to the hospital, and the vet confirmed Poppy had a hole in her heart, which was causing the heart to fail. The only option Brittany had was either heart surgery or losing Poppy.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Poppy

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