She’s In A Race Against Time To Save Her Best Friend Koda From Cancer

A woman named Sarah is asking for help after her sweet dog was recently diagnosed with cancer. Sarah Sabatino from Chicago, Illinois, recently created a GoFundMe page for her dog, Koda.

“If you know me, you know Koda,” writes Sarah. “She’s my heart dog, my child, my best friend.”

Sarah adopted Koda back in 2020 and describes her as “a pure bundle of love and happiness.” Suddenly, Koda and Sarah’s lives were changed when Sarah noticed a tiny growth on Koda’s lip.

Sarah had to wait a while to get Koda into her usual vet, where she was told not to worry about the growth.

It was a manageable size, and the vet dismissed it. A few weeks later, Sarah found another lump on Koda’s neck.

After not being able to schedule an appointment with the first veterinarian, Sarah immediately booked an appointment with a new one. The new vet didn’t like the look of the growths and ordered multiple tests from Koda.

Not long after, Sarah received the heartbreaking results. Both of the lumps are aggressive, cancerous tumors.

The one on Koda’s lip had spread to a lymph node, creating the tumor on her neck. Sarah writes that the prognosis was dire and that she had to act fast to save Koda’s life.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Koda

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