This 16-Year-Old Dog Was Surrendered By His Owner And Is Looking For A New Forever Home

The Warwick Valley Humane Society’s animal shelter has been open since 1968. Located in Warwick, New York, they take in around 500 animals every single year, which includes cats, dogs, and even rabbits.

While some of these animals are lost and able to be reunited with their owners, others are in need of loving forever homes.

16-year-old little Rocky is one of the animals waiting to be adopted at the Warwick Valley Humane Society, and his story is certainly sad.

Rocky was surrendered by his owner to the Warwick Valley Humane Society, and now they’re on a mission to find him a family that will be able to make the rest of his years nothing but happy.

Rocky has spent a bit of time in a foster home, where his foster family learned that he likes other dogs, and getting to go out on a walk.

Rocky tries very hard to avoid accidents in the house, and he will even let you put a diaper on him to prevent them.

Rocky’s previous owner used to keep in in a crate for hours on end, so he also loves being able to just explore around the house and enjoy some freedom to go where he pleases right now.

“Rocky loves to give kisses and cuddle once he knows you but when you first meet him he will be more interested in what adventure he’s about to embark on,” the Warwick Valley Humane Society wrote in a Facebook post about Rocky.

Facebook; pictured above is a photo of Rocky shared by the Warwick Valley Humane Society

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