This Dog Was Rescued From The Streets Of Spain And Now He’s Facing An Enormous Battle After Being Diagnosed With An Extremely Rare Disease Called Leishmaniasis

Madison, Wisconsin. Alfie is a now six-year-old Galgo (or Spanish greyhound) who was rescued and transferred from Spain to the United States.

In the spring of 2018, Alfie was rescued off the street in Spain ​​by a group called Galgos del Sol. Six months later, he was flown to the U.S. by a group in Detroit called MotorCity Greyhound Rescue and had found a forever home with Molly Backes by Thanksgiving time.

As Molly explained, the Galgo breed was raised for hunting instead of racing. However, thousands of Galgos are abandoned or worse each year at the end of hunting seasons.

“As greyhound race tracks have closed down in the USA, the number of retired greyhounds needing homes has decreased significantly,” Molly pointed out.

“So greyhound rescue groups here have begun bringing other sighthounds, including Galgos, from abroad to help with the massive need in other countries.”

And Alfie was one of them. The rescue team estimated that Alfie was about two years old by the time he was taken in. So he should be six in the spring of 2022.

The happy story of a poor street dog who finally found a loving home, isn’t it the story that we all love to hear? Well, it should have been this way.

However, fate has decided to trick Alfie once again by giving him Leishmaniasis. This disease is usually transmitted by biting sand flies and can remain dormant for seven years.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Alfie

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