This Young Dad Is Wondering If He Went Wrong Encouraging His Daughter To Be A Housewife

Rido - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old dad was really young when he had his daughter; 19 to be exact. Sadly, his daughter’s mom doesn’t want anything to do with her and her life, so it’s just him and his daughter by themselves.

Right now, his daughter loves to pretend to be an adult who has a real job. She is very curious and interested in many different jobs.

When she meets someone, she always wants to know what they do for work, and then she will pretend to have that job. She also sees people with different jobs on TV that she gets excited about.

“In the last few months, she wanted to be a teacher, babysitter, truck driver, president, garbage collector, photographer, “knee doctor” (after I injured it), scientist, witch, football steward,” he explained.

He really is supportive of his daughter being thrilled about pretending to have different jobs, and he will go out and get her tools or accessories to help support her interest and play.

When his daughter was interested in being a football steward, he bought her a tiny vest and handmade her a badge to put on it.

One weekend ago, one of his friends came to visit him and his daughter, and of course, his daughter just had to know what his friend did for a living.

His friend is a housewife, and his daughter was very invested in knowing all about her life and job, so she asked tons of questions.

When his friend went home, his daughter spent the next few days excitedly pretending to be a housewife with 3 children that have food allergies and need her help with completing their homework.

Rido – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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